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Dorian Murray, 8, wants to become famous but, sadly, he doesn’t have much time for that. Specifically, he told his father that he wants to become famous in China, land of the Great Wall — that “bridge” that people walk on, as he put it. This American boy is battling rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), a rare form of pediatric cancer, ever since he was four. When doctors told him and his parents that his terminal cancer had spread and become untreatable, he decided to cease treatment and go home. Ten days later, his mother wrote about his very special wish on the Facebook page “Praying for Dorian.” Word spread quickly halfway around the world and Chinese internet users came out in droves to wish Dorian. They are posting photos with the hashtag #D-Strong to help the 8-year-old realize his dream of becoming famous in China.

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