In the first auction of the year, a 200-kilo bluefin tuna sold for 14 million yen ($117,706) this week at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market.

Kiyoshi Kimura of Kiyomura Corp that owns a chain of sushi restaurants, won the first bid for the fish caught off Japan’s Oma coast in Aomori prefecture.

The price was three times higher than last year but much lower than the record ¥155.4 million yen he paid in 2013 after entering a fierce bidding war with a Hong Kong restaurateur over a 222kg fish.

But marine conservation groups have warned that overfishing is threatening the survival of the Pacific bluefin, a delicacy in Japan and other parts of Asia.

As the bluefin has become more sought after by diners in several nations, a warning has been sounded that the Pacific bluefin was “one step closer to collapse” after tuna-fishing nations, including Japan, failed to agree to new conservation measures.

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