Iran is not in a position to make anything “a condition of its cooperation with the Russians.” And the Russians, unlike the fools in Washington, are not in business to have their objectives conditioned by lesser powers.

Few errors are as fundamental in Washington as the assumption that Russia is adding water to Iran’s mill–or indeed to Assad’s or to anyone else’s. Russia is supporting them only insofar as they help Russia to accomplish its objectives in the Med and with regard to the Sunni militancy that threaten its Caucasian parts. They will dump Assad for someone more pliant and salonfaehig. As for Iran, it is paying top dollar for Russian equipment (think of those $150 billion). I would not bet on those S-300s being operable when the Russians decide they should not be. Russia will then cut deals with the Saudis/Egyptians, with whom it has no fundamental quarrel any more than with Israel.
Yes. Russia, is playing an “elementary, dear Watson” game.

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