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Seven police officers were killed in western Nepal Monday in clashes with demonstrators protesting against a proposed new constitution, police said.

The government said it was sending in the army after the clashes in Kailali district in the remote far west of the country, where authorities said there were reports three demonstrators may also have died.

Nepalese police detain a protester
Nepalese police detain a protester

Local media said thousands of protesters attacked police with axes, spears and bricks, although this could not immediately be confirmed.

“So far we have confirmation that seven have died in the protests, including five police and two members of the armed police force,” senior superintendent of police, Hemant Bahadur Pal, told AFP in Kathmandu.

 Deputy district chief Udaya Bahadur Singh Thakuri warned that the death toll could rise further.

“There are many wounded, they are being brought into the hospital,” Thakuri told AFP. Read more

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