It was a double blow for the 1993 Mumbai blasts mastermind Dawood Ibrahim.

Soon after Hindustan Times carried a report that showed Pakistan is providing him haven, his wife Mehjabeen Shaikh inadvertently told an Indian channel that he is in Karachi.

“He is home, he is sleeping,” she told Times Now without knowing that the call had come from India.

A reporter of the channel made the call at 12.24 pm (Indian time) Saturday.

Dawood Sheikh Ibrahim

In the telephone conversation aired by the channel, the reporter, after the traditional greeting in Arabic, asked her if he was addressing Mehjabeen Shaikh.

When she said “yes” and asked him who she was talking to, he evaded her and asked her whether she was speaking from Karachi.

When she replied “yes”, he said he just wanted to know if she was indeed Dawood Ibrahim’s wife to which she said: “Yes, he is sleeping.”

A little later, another reporter from the channel tried the same number. This time, however, the woman was evasive and asked him to call her again later.

The Indian government is studying the Times Now tape which could further boost its dossier against Pakistan. 

Backed by these two latest evidences, India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval was planning to confront his counterpart Sartaj Aziz on Pakistan giving shelter to a man formally recognised as a global terrorist.

However, in a late night development, Aziz decided not to come for the NSA-level talks in Delhi.

A dossier prepared by India lists nine residences of the underworld don in that country and states that he is known to frequently change his locations and addresses there.

Besides  the upscale Clifton neighborhood of Karachi mentioned in the Hindustan Times report,  the other places where he regularly frequents are: Moin Palace, near Abdullah Shah Gazi Dargah, Cliffton, Karachi, 6A Khyabar Tanzeem, Phase V, Defence Housing area, Karachi, ISI safe house located on Bhoubhan Hill, around 20 km from Islamabad on Islamabad-Muree Road, P 6/2, street no.22, House no. 29, Maragalla Road, Islamabad, 17 C P Bazar Society, Block 7-8, Amir Khan Road, Karachi, 30th street in Phase 6 extension of DHA in Karachi, 8th floor of Mohran Square near Pardesi House 3, Tawar area, Cliffton, Karachi and a palatial bunglow in the hilly area of Nooriabad, Karachi.

“Dawood is known to frequently change his locations and addresses in Pakistan. He has amassed immense property in Pakistan and moves under the protection of Pakistani agencies,” the dossier says.

According to the dossier, Dawood has three Pakistani passports — first one issued in Rawalpindi (No.G-866537), second in Karachi (No. C-267185) and a third one which was also issued in Karachi (No. KC-285901).

Dawood’s wife Mahajabeen holds a Pakistani passport No. J-589103, son Moeen’s Pakistani passport No. J-588518 and daughter Mehrukh’s passport No. J-563473.

Mehrukh is married to former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad’s son Junaid.

Dawood’s another daughter Mehreen has a Pakistani Passport whose number is J-563439. Dawood’s brother Anees and Mustaqim too have Pakistani passports with the Nos. H 144394 and KA-713357 respectively.

The dossier says that Dawood was declared a global terrorist by the US State Department on October 16, 2003 and he was included in the UN list as an associate of Al Qaeda on November 3, 2003 under the UNSC resolution no. 1267

“Pakistan has failed to issue a red corner notice and take action as per UN notice against Dawood,” the dossier says.

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