India fashion blogger Akanksha Redhu writes:

“The Uttanasana or ‘Standing Forward Bend Pose’ is another great way to get a quick stretch at any time of the day for me. I don’t just practice this asana during my yoga sessions, but I also do this when I wake up to get my blood moving and jump start my muscles. Anytime during the day when I can feel the tension building in my shoulders and neck this is my go-to pose. It really helps in relieving stress in your shoulder areas. The Uttanasana has a lot more benefits – all listed out later on in the post.

Another reason the Standing Forward Bend Pose is so popular with me is because it doesn’t require any special preparation, no yoga mat, no yoga clothes, no lying down. You can just get into it wherever you are standing and it really is very stress-releasing … ” Read more


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