Top India fashion blogger Akanksha Redhu writes:

“This was my first ever trip to Kasauli. With the folks and Naina. A much MUCH needed break from all the madness before leaving for New York. We stayed in the cantonment which is super close to the local Kasauli market. Data network was a total bitch so it turned into a kind of a forced vacation for me. Limited only to communication through email and instagram updates which were a struggle on their own. So all I was left to do was click pictures from the camera, eat food and take walks in the heavy mist and empty roads.

We all unanimously fell in love with the Kasauli Club – very well maintained and a gorgeous setting. The food was on point and Naina & I went nuts taking photographs. I have also shared my outfit in this post which was our first visit to the Kasauli Club …”  Read more


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