Human behavior is frequently perverse, wrong-headed, counter-productive, incompetent, demented or certifiably insane, but it is never inexplicable.

Every human action has underlying it one or more motivations.  It may be difficult to discern what they are since they are often obscure or purposely hidden or misidentified, but they are there.

President Obama’s behavior vis-a-vis Iran is neither perverse, incompetent nor demented unless you assume that his motivation is to enhance the security of The United States in particular and the West in general.  If that is your assumption, yes, his behavior appears inexplicable, since the agreement he worked so hard and so long to complete will not only not enhance the security of the US and the West (which includes Israel), but quite the contrary.  From that standpoint it is undoubtedly one of the worst international agreements in history, surpassing even the post-WWI accords, the Munich agreement, and the North Korean deal of 1994.

The Iran deal will weaken the US and its allies in numerous ways, and they have all been commented on ad nauseam.  it is indeed a very bad and dangerous agreement.  Furthermore there is nothing Congress can do about it, since the UN sanctions have already been removed and the EU sanctions will be shortly and the financial sanctions imposed by the US are based on executive orders which can be rescinded at any time by the president.  As they say, it is a done deal, and the U.S and the rest will have to live with it as best they can.

Then why was it done and why is Obama so pleased?  He is not, as some would have it, stupid, nor as others would have it, is he incompetent.   He is pleased because the deal goes a long way towards the accomplishment of his actual motivations for engaging in the negotiations and signing the deal, to wit:

1.  Obama is anti-American and is and always has been motivated by the belief inculcated in him by his mother, his wife, and all his best friends and colleagues, that the United States is and always has been a wicked country and has used its great wealth and power mostly for evil.  The list of exhibits is long.  Slavery, slaughter of the Indians, race discrimination, seizing half of Mexico, overthrowing the Hawaiian monarchy, oppressing the people of Cuba, the Philippines and many others, as well as the domestic sins of savage capitalism, which are legion and so on and so forth.  It must be punished for all that, just as he was told over and over again by the 1960s-style radicals by whom he has always been surrounded.

2.  Having grown up in the country in the largest Muslim country in the world in an atmosphere saturated with Muslim culture, Obama is pro-Islam.  He demonstrated that almost immediately after his inauguration in his speech in Cairo, and he has never ever changed his tune or even his terminology.  Islamic terrorism does not exist in his lexicon, only Western, US and Israeli provocations.  Islamic State, The Muslim Brotherhood, murderers screaming “Allahu-Akbar” as they slaughter people, are not Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace.

In this light the Iran deal is perfectly understandable.  It furthers in a very major way, both of these motivations.  His task, as he sees it, is now almost complete;  I submit that there is no other way to explain his behavior.   This explanation will do very well and fits perfectly all the facts on the ground.  In other words, the man who has been president of the United States for six and a half years and will be for another year and a half is both anti-American and pro-Islam.  That is, unless the Congress does the only thing it can do at this point that would make any difference,, namely impeach and convict him and throw him out of office for treason.

Don’t hold your breath.

Norman A Bailey is the author of numerous books and articles and recipient of several honorary degrees, medals and awards and two orders of knighthood. He also teaches economic statecraft at The Institute of World Politics and has experience on the staff of the National Security Council at the White House, in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and in business, consulting and finance. He is professor emeritus in the National Security Studies Center, University of Haifa, and a columnist for Globes, the Israeli business and financial newspaper.

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