Asia Unhedged sometimes has to use a bit of imagination to see the humor in regional financial events.

This isn’t the case with an AFP story that quotes Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda musing about Peter Pan in a speech about monetary policy in Tokyo on Thursday. Kuroda was waxing philosophical on the trials and tribulations of executing on his goal of spurring inflation and kickstarting economic growth with a massive stimulus plan.

“I trust that many of you are familiar with the story of Peter Pan, in which it says, ‘the moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it’,” Kuroda was quoted as saying. “Yes, what we need is a positive attitude and conviction. Indeed, each time central banks have been confronted with a wide range of problems, they have overcome the problems by conceiving new solutions.”

Now all Kuroda (like Abenomics) has to do is wait for his ideas to take flight.

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