Russia’s encirclement was the US objective in masterminding the coup in Kiev last February. Should Russia have obliged the US? That is the question.

How Ukraine reached this point cannot be overlooked — that is, the genesis of this crisis ought to be kept in mind while evaluating Russia’s actions in the downstream of the regime change in Kiev.
Frankly, the ‘world’ has not been endorsing the US’ Ukraine line. Even European allies are reluctantly going along.

To turn it all around a bit, how could the world have dealt with the US after what it did to Iraq or Libya? But, we all continue to deal with the US, don’t we? Therefore, the big issue here is something else: What happens to international law and the UN Charter when great powers behave like this?

M.K. Bhadrakumar

M.K. Bhadrakumar is a former diplomat who served for more than 29 years as an Indian Foreign Service officer with postings including India’s ambassador to Turkey and Uzbekistan.

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