Al-Jazeera aired only four minutes of Osama bin Laden’s videotape released last week, leaving the media to guess about what the remaining 14 minutes might contain. An anonymous source sent me what purports to be a transcript of the rest of the tape. I cannot vouch for its authenticity, but it is just what I would have said if I were Osama bin Laden. 

Here is what Osama bin Laden supposedly said:

“People of America, it does not matter whom you choose as president. Islam will prevail. We do not have to fight you; we merely have to let you destroy yourselves. The Great Satan is a monster that devours its children.

“Slanderers claim that I represent an authoritarian form of Islam. But what has the freedom of the modern world done to your Christianity? Religion has died in Europe. You have done even worse. Like everything in the Greater America of globalization, you have turned religion into a consumer goods. Americans choose among 139 major brands of Christianity. Your old churches close for lack of worshipers, and you build new churches in shopping malls where religion is sold along with sausages. [1]

“You have made a modern world, and you brand us as relics of a tenebrous past. You say that we are violent, but you have raised your children in a nightmare of violence unlike anything the world has seen before. By the time an American child reaches the age of 18, he will have seen on television 40,000 murders and 200,000 other acts of violence. [2]

“Slanderers in your midst say that Islam oppresses women. Islam protects the modesty of women with purdah and the veil. You turn your women into whores. You cannot turn on your television without hearing a vulgar mention of sex every three minutes. [3]

“Not only do your children incessantly observe violence and sex, but you give them the means to play at it. The most popular computer game for American children, called Grand Theft Auto, encourages the player to buy relations with a prostitute and afterward beat her to death.

“Slanderers in your midst claim that Islam promotes violence against women. Your worship of the flesh provokes women to commit violence against themselves. At American universities, two out of five female students starve themselves or vomit up their food in a perverse attempt to fit the criteria for sexual attractiveness established by your fashion industry. [4]

“Your evil will destroy your seed. It is not merely the fatherless and despised, the poor and outcast, who wither and perish in the contaminated soil of America, but the coddled offspring of your prosperous elites. You have given your young people freedom, but it has only brought them misery. You have depraved them with your false promise of freedoms and left them with nothing but terror of the world, to the point that one in six of your university students suffers a mental illness. [5]

“People of America, your leaders falsely tell you that jihadis love death rather than life. It is true that life to us means more than the material existence on this Earth, but also life everlasting – but did not your prophets tell you the same thing? If we hate life, why do we have more children than you? The population of the Arab world doubled during the 20 years between 1978 and 1998, and between 1998 and 2010 will have grown by yet another third. [6]

“It is you, not us, who foster a culture of death. Where in the Muslim world can you find a form of music such as ‘death metal’, which revels in the putrefaction of human flesh? Groups with names like Cannibal Corpse have sold scores of millions of records. This, O Americans, is the blessing progress which you propose in your benevolence to bestow upon Muslim youth? It would be better to learn from us how to cut a flute from a reed. [7]

“One candidate tells you that he will enlist foreign allies in your crusade against us. These supposed allies are the ones who love death. In half a century the number of Europeans will fall by 50 million, because the Europeans no longer love life enough to bring new life into this world. Three hundred and twenty years ago a Muslim army stood before the gates of Vienna, and Europe barely escaped conversion to the true faith at swordpoint. During the next half-century Muslims will wander into Europe and replenish the half-empty towns with people, and the sound of children’s voices once again will be heard – but in Arabic.

“Because they hate life, your supposed allies are cowards. Half a millennium ago the Spanish empire drove Islam from its territory; this year a few bombs at a railway station panicked the pathetic remnants of Spain into retreat from Iraq. You are fools to count on them. Even the Zionist Bernard Lewis admits that Islam will prevail in Europe before the end of this century.

“People of America, your soldiers are brave but your leaders are fools. You tremble at the loss of a thousand lives in Iraq. Perhaps with another thousand, and a thousand more, you will establish the peace of the cemetery in the cities of the Mesopotamian plain for another month or another year. We do not think in terms of next month, or next year. We look with hope and resolution toward the victory of our children’s children, who will dominate Europe. Their children’s children will dominate America.

“Abandon the false hope of freedom and submit to Allah. You cannot go back to the traditional life of your forefathers, because the monster of globalization has plowed it under. Not an American in 20 could find his way back to the village of his great-grandfather. You cannot go forward, because your souls are too weak to find a way through the pitfalls of the modern world. Like the Europeans, you too will become weary of life, weary of raising children, weary of your mastery – and the world will belong to us.

“Have a nice day.”


[1] US megachurches bring shopping mall theology to thirtysomethings. ‘As Americans like going to shopping malls for all their consumer needs in one spot, so self-styled “megachurches” are the fastest growing form of service in the country. They offer a one-stop spiritual supermarket. A cafe sells food and drinks. Baptisms are conducted at a pool to one side where “warm water” is promised. There are picnic spots and walks through manicured gardens in addition to church softball and basketball teams. Parties are held for singles to meet fellow believers. The church’s target market is the thirtysomethings, many now with young children, who are seeking to return to religion. Having grown up in an era of consumerism they are looking not only for God in a church, but also a variety of facilities.’

[2] TV Bloodbath: Violence on Prime Time Broadcast TV

[3] Wired for Raunch. “The overall combined per-hour rate of sexual references, use of coarse language, and instances of violence was 21.7.”

[4] Psychology Today, November/December 2004, p 62: “Anorexia or bulimia in florid or subclinical form now afflicts 40 percent of women at some time in their college career.”

[5] Loc Cit. “The University of Michigan Depression Center … estimates that 15 percent of college students are suffering from that disorder alone.”

[6] Middle East Economic Survey, Nov 15, 1999.

[7] Cannibal Corpse lyrics

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