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Fusion companies aiming at trillion dollar market

In the third and final part of our series, Fusion Industry Association director Andrew Holland tells Asia Times’ correspondent Jonathan Tennenbaum how the private sector is leap-frogging government programs in the race to develop commercial fusion power plants.

Andrew Holland: So now the private sector is coming in. You mentioned high-temperature superconductors. That’s an important new thing. There’s a whole range of new developments that come from outside of the fusion space that are now being applied.

So, for example, high-speed computing — the fact that you can model a lot of plasma science before you actually have to do the experiment, means that you can design your machine and know a lot better what it’s going to do.

There’s a whole range of other things. Advanced manufacturing, 3D printing, things that allow you to have a lot more confidence that you can build it, build it faster and build it cheaper.

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