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Asia’s houses of the holy

In the 1960s, “The Orient” captured a new interest among the post-World War II Beat Generation as the lures of Zen Buddhism, Indian music, Thai weed and related mind-altering experiences rippled through the hip communities of the West.  While young American GIs were fighting the Vietnam War, more peaceable folks were donning backpacks and heading […]

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Moon’s right-hand man former friend to the North

This article was originally published May 14, 2017. Im Jong-seok has now been mentioned as President’s Moon’s possible nominee for the post of unification minister. As US investigators hunkered down last week to investigate whether US President Donald Trump’s election campaign colluded with a hostile government, South Korea’s new president was appointing a right-hand man […]

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Asia Times Financial launches news service, China domestic bond index

Asia Times Financial (ATF) today launched news and index services – notably the Asia Times Financial China Bond 50 Index – to provide expert, fast and accurate narratives about key Asian credit markets. The ATF China Bond 50 Index is a product created by the collaborative strength of Capital Link International and its partners: media platform ATF and […]

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Fossil fuel profits driving climate devastation

What do Pakistan, Puerto Rico and Jackson, Mississippi, have in common? They’ve all recently experienced climate-related catastrophic rain and flooding, resulting in the loss of homes, electricity, and running water. But even more important, they are all low-income regions inhabited by people of color – the prime victims of climate injustice. They face inaction from […]

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Japan in urgent search of new strategic balance

In the 1970s, Japanese prime minister Masayoshi Ohira developed a concept of “comprehensive security” that emphasized the need to broaden the scope of security to non-military domains. The concept built upon the ideas outlined in the 1969 Nixon Doctrine, where the United States encouraged its allies to take “primary responsibility” for their own defense. This […]

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Pointed at China, US spreads THAAD all around Guam

The Pentagon wants to scatter its surface-to-air Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile launchers and radar onto diverse tiny islands around Guam, instead of currently concentrating everything at one site there, to survive possible US-China warfare in the West Pacific. Guam’s strategic air and naval facilities, including Andersen Air Force Base, Naval Base Guam, […]

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Why cyber hackers have such big eyes for Indonesia

JAKARTA – Indonesian legislators have finally passed the country’s first personal data protection law, but despite being labeled a historic moment, critics already point to worrying loopholes and question whether it will change a bureaucratic culture that largely ignores cybersecurity measures. The passage of the legislation follows a series of digital attacks, including one incident […]

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Khmer Rouge trial ends with mixed legacy and unclear impact

A United Nations-backed tribunal in Cambodia has just concluded its largest trial, concerning crimes committed during the Khmer Rouge regime. The tribunal’s appeal judges yesterday confirmed the conviction against 91-year-old Khieu Samphan, the former head of state, for his role in these crimes. Yesterday’s decision was a turning point. After this, there will be no […]

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Hong Kong to end hotel quarantine on Sept 26

Hong Kong will cancel its hotel quarantine rule and negative PCR test requirement before boarding for international travelers from September 26, the government said today in a long-awaited policy shift to revive the city’s sagging status as an international business hub. Hong Kong will adopt a so-called “0+3” arrangement whereby incoming travelers will no longer […]

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Weak yen on a collision course with strong yuan

TOKYO — As Xi Jinping puts the finishing touches on securing a third term as Chinese president, his team has a Japanese yen dilemma on its hands. And so does Tokyo. On Thursday, the Bank of Japan made a sudden foray into currency markets. It was Japan’s first effort to prop up the yen since […]

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Spookish report fingers tech-hoovering Chinese scientists

China is luring back its US-trained and educated talent to work for the Chinese military’s high-tech weapons programs, effectively using US expertise and resources to advance its research in cutting-edge military technology and its applications, a new in-depth private intelligence report claims. Provocatively entitled “The Los Alamos Club”, the Strider Technologies report shows in graphic […]

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The mechanics of recession, inflation

How do they do it? Analysts speak metaphorically when they say, as I also sometimes do, current problems with recession/inflation (r/i) are due to governments’ policy of printing too much money. As well, when they discuss the “cure.” they blithely speak about raising the interest rate, as if such action is equivalent to turning down some […]

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Solutions to big problems – dreams, reality, and fraud

Big industrial problems attract entrepreneurs with big ideas and investors with a high risk appetite. Starting with good intentions, some end up as disastrous frauds as promised products prove to be unachievable. How does this happen? Such situations are rare but some entrepreneurs end up misleading themselves and investors in the mistaken belief that obstacles will be overcome with […]

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How Russians read the conflict in the Caucasus

In the early hours of Tuesday, September 13, Azerbaijan launched an aggressive military assault along the borders of the Armenian Republic.  Observers of politics in the post-Soviet space may be forgiven for thinking that the center of fighting was the disputed, Armenian-inhabited region of Nagorno-Karabakh (also known as Artsakh by Armenians). In fact, however, the attack […]

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US pulls the plug on more China telecos

China has expressed its strong opposition to a new US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision to ban three Chinese telecom companies from selling equipment to its internet development fund. On Tuesday, the FCC said it had put Chinese telecom firms China Unicom (Americas), Pacific Networks Corp and its wholly-owned subsidiary ComNet (USA) on its “Covered […]