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Russia’s war fiasco rattles China, galvanizes Taiwan

Almost a month into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there is still no definitive end in sight. Peace negotiations between the parties have shown some progress, with Ukraine now suggesting that it’s willing to drop its commitment to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) but Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military endgame is still shrouded in mystery.

Russia’s bombardment of major Ukrainian cities continues unabated, exacerbating a humanitarian crisis that is spilling into Eastern Europe. but it’s by now clear the invasion has not gone as planned in the face of stiff Ukrainian resistance. Shaken by its ally’s armed intervention, which reportedly caught Chinese leaders by surprise, Beijing has painstakingly sought to have its cake and eat it too.

While projecting an image of a responsible power and claiming ‘neutrality’ over the crisis, China is allegedly aiding Russia’s war efforts, according to top US officials. Hemmed in by a new barrage of international sanctions, Moscow is desperately seeking Beijing’s assistance in order to keep its economy afloat and sustain its military offensive.

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