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G7: Desperately seeking relevancy

The upcoming G7 in Cornwall might be seen at first as the quirky encounter of “America is Back” with “Global Britain.” 

The big picture, though, is way more sensitive. Three summits in a row – G7, NATO and US-EU – will be paving the way for what’s expected to be a cliffhanger: the Putin-Biden summit in Geneva, which certainly won’t be a reset.  

The controlling interests behind the hologram that goes by the name of “Joe Biden” have a clear, overarching agenda: to regiment industrialized democracies – especially those in Europe – and keep them in lockstep to combat “malignant” Russia and China, those “authoritarian” threats to US national security.

It’s like a throwback to those oh-so-stable 1970s Cold War days, complete with James Bond fighting foreign devils and Deep Purple subverting communism.

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