Payper News is a new payment option for readers who wish to view occasional AT+ premium articles. The Payper News option allows readers to pay “per view” of articles they select. The fee per article view is US$1.

Payper News is for readers who are not yet ready to become AT+ members and just want to access specific AT+ content. AT+ members do not need to use Payper News, they can just log in with their AT+ username and password.

More information can be found here or you can refer to the Payper News FAQ.

Question: What if I am already an AT+ member?

Answer: You do not have to pay any additional fee to read AT+ content. Simply log in to Asia Times here and you will be able to read AT+ content without encountering the Payper News paywall.

Question: What if I used Payper News and wish to become a an AT+ Member?

Answer: Welcome! Simply choose one of the membership options on our Subscription page. Once your Membership has started, you will no longer encounter the Payper News paywall.