US comedian Jesse Appell speaks of the epidemic's impact on the lives of ordinary people in China, and how they have used humor to survive the tough times. Credit: Times of Israel.

American comedian Jesse Appell’s new routine on Chinese people “entertaining themselves” during the Covid-19 epidemic is gaining popularity on social media, bringing hope and optimism to the world, reported.

During his standup show at Northeastern University, Appell played videos depicting those in quarantine having fun by performing the “lion dance” at home or even “going on holiday” inside their apartments,” insisting “the Chinese keep a good sense of humor and get through the tough time.”

“They are staying home to keep themselves healthy, to keep their country healthy and also keep you healthy,” he said. “We don’t usually see portrayals of China as very funny, but the people there are very funny.”

“The problem is we don’t have a good way right now for regular people in America to see what life is like for regular people in China and vice versa.”

Appell said he was impressed by the humor of the Chinese in online videos.

He wanted to tell US viewers about the impact of the epidemic on the lives of ordinary people, and to be humorous and optimistic even in the face of tough times, the report said.

He hopes his comedy can work against what he sees as American prejudice and stereotypes surrounding Chinese people in the wake of the outbreak, the report said.

Appell came to China on a Fulbright scholarship seven years ago.

He began to study Xiangsheng or “crosstalk” — a traditional type of Chinese comedy — as a disciple of Chinese comedy master Ding Guangquan.

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