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A man in Sichuan, China, had the shock of his life when he discovered his car had been taken over by a massive swarm of bees.

At around noon on February 25, the man surnamed Tsui saw his car swarmed by thousands of bees in Fushun County, Zigong City.

Tsui’s troubles lasted an hour before a local beekeeper got to the scene and took two queen bees away from the car, causing the bee colony to disperse. He believes that the bees flew from a beehive nearby. He also said that the moment the beekeeper place the queen bee into a box, the others hastily followed.

According to the beekeeper, the bees may have been facing a shortage of food. The queen bee may have mistaken the scent of the car for the scent of flowers and tried to set up a new hive, which attracted the huge number of bees to the car.

Citizens were advised not to leave their windows open and not to try to trap or otherwise interfere with bees, which are quite commonly found during springtime.

Bees on a car in Sichuan, China Photo: Weibo

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