People in Sulawesi have been severely affected by the floods and landslides. Photo: Youtube

Flash floods and landslides in Sulawesi, Indonesia have killed at least 20 and displaced more than 3000 people from their homes.

The head of the disaster agency said 26 people have been confirmed dead with 24 others reported missing in Sulawesi, AFP reported. More than 4o others have been treated in hospitals for serious injuries.

According to meteorologist Chris Dolce, the floods followed heavy rainfall over a period of 24 hours on January 22.

Authorities have urged citizens to be aware of the possibilities of floods and landslides, which are common in Indonesia. Heavy rainfall is most often seen in the monsoon season between October and April.

In October 2018, a combination of flash floods and landslides killed more than 20 people across the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

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