Hong Kong Immigration Department. Photo: Google Maps

The Hong Kong government’s Immigration Department will revise its fees for services including the issuing of visas and new travel documents starting from March 25 this year.

The Immigration Department said the fees for issuing visas/entry permits and travel documents, genetic tests and the delivery of travel documents to places outside Hong Kong will rise by between 9% and 21%, Headline Daily reported.

An immigration spokesman said in a government release on January 16 that the government should in general set fees at levels which are sufficient to recover the full cost of providing the services, adding that the proposals will have little impact on the daily life of most people and very limited impact on general business activities.

According to the proposal, the fee for ordinary visas will rise from HK$190 to $230 (US$24 to US$29); transit visas from $100 to $120; entry permits valid for one entry from $190 to $230; re-entry permits valid for one visit from $46 to $55; re-entry permits for multiple entries from $390 to $470; and change of condition of stay or extension of limit of stay from $190 to $230, hongkongnews.com reported.

The relevant amendments to regulations will be tabled at the Legislative Council on January 23 and the fee revision will take effect after completion of the necessary legislative procedures.

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