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In the context of tight liquidity, “fundraising” in the private equity investment sector has suffered from a cold, harsh winter, Yicai.com reported.

According to the VC/PE report released by Chinaventure.cn, the number and size of funds raised in the latter market have fallen sharply in the first half of the year.

The scale of completed funds was equivalent to US$34.112 billion, down 74.59% from a year earlier. While the number of funds completed was 425, decreased by 19.51%.

An investor in the technology and venture capital industry told Yicai.com that the liquidity crisis in the market is being strongly felt this year.

“Many of the partners who originally focused on the project have to go out to find money, and the entire market is very short of money,” he said.

Raising, investing, managing and existing are the four major pillars of the private equity sector. However, In the first half of 2018, the size of funds achieved during fundraising was only 30% of that during the same period last year.

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