Iriga City in Camarines Sur, Philippines. Photo: Google Maps
Iriga City in Camarines Sur, Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

Four men died of poisoning after drinking liquor that was mixed with alkaline drops in Iriga, a city in the Philippine province of Camarines Sur.

Reggie Oliveros, Edwin dela Cruz, Luis Nicolas Jr and Sonny Castillo were offered a drink supposedly consisting of whiskey concentrated by alkaline drops. The man offering the drink claimed to be a chemical engineer, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Glenn Loquias, spokesman for the Iriga City police, said 50 others who drank the mixture were under observation in a medical center.

According to Dominador Taduran, a resident of the city, the man who gave the liquor to the victims claimed that his product was good for one’s health, and he was thereby able to persuade people to drink the concoction.

The four men who died reportedly complained of stomach ache and their bodies reportedly seemed to have changed color before they died.

Police retrieved a sample of the mixture and handed it over to the Food and Drug Administration for investigation. As of Wednesday, police were also looking for the man who provided the deadly drinks.

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