Mid-Levels, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Wpcpey
Mid-Levels, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Wpcpey

A Filipino maid who recently started working Hong Kong has found the city’s periodic cold weather difficult to cope with, and one of her solutions to this problem provoked a laugh from a friend.

Jane, who works in Mid-Levels, said that coming from a country that has hot weather year-around, she was not used to the chilly weather and feared getting sick, sunwebhk.com reported. She would wear four layers of clothing when she works, but this made it difficult to move around.

To help her move more freely, she chose not to wear a bra during her day-to-day tasks. However, she got so used to not wearing a bra that she forgot she was not wearing one during her day off, when the weather was warmer. She went to Central with a friend, who noticed she was not wearing a bra and laughed at her.

Jane was later reminded by her friends that the subtropical weather can change drastically in Hong Kong, compared with the hot climate in tropical countries such as the Philippines. 

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