Taichung branch of the Taiwan High Court. Photo: Google Maps
Taichung branch of the Taiwan High Court. Photo: Google Maps

A Taiwanese man was sentenced to three and a half years in jail after he sexually assaulted a Filipino caregiver.

The assailant, surnamed Hsueh, who lived with his wife and his mother in Changhua county in Taichung, hired a caregiver named “Oki” (not real name) in 2015, The Liberty Times reported. He bought Oki two sets of bras and underpants worth a total of NT$3,800 (US$130) and helped her subscribe to a mobile-phone service plan when his wife returned to mainland China.

Hsueh asked Oki to wear the new bra and show it to him. He touched her breasts but she stayed silent as she felt that she could not reject him after accepting the gifts.

Several days later, Hsueh asked to touch Oki’s breasts again while his mother was away. The caregiver refused, but he forcefully kissed her breasts and touched her genital area. Oki told her brother in the Philippines through Facebook what had happened, and he reported the case to the Taiwanese Department of Social Welfare.

Hsueh was arrested and charged with one count of compulsory sexual intercourse. He was recently found guilty in the Taichung branch of the Taiwan High Court and sentenced to a prison term, but he has the right to appeal.

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