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Photos: iStock

A Filipina domestic worker was put in a panic after being stuck in her employer’s bathroom while the kitchen stove was on.

The 45-year-old domestic worker, named Mando, found herself locked in the bathroom due to a faulty lock. She was alone in the apartment at the time and was cooking a meal, reports.

Mando said she was afraid the apartment might catch fire if she did not get out in time. She thought of climbing out of the window but was afraid of falling down 15 floors.

After calming down, she remembered she had her mobile phone with her. She quickly contacted a fellow domestic worker named May, who works for the mother of her own employer.

May retrieved the keys to the apartment from her employer and rushed to rescue Mando. She turned off the stove when she arrived, but could not open the bathroom door.

Mando said she needed something to break the doorknob and May was able to pass a screwdriver through the gap underneath the door. Mando was then able to set herself free.

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