Tung Chung, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Dennis Y.C. Wong

An employer in Tung Chung helped unlock his Filipina domestic worker’s bedroom door by climbing into the ventilation window.

The domestic worker – Rowena, 28 – said she accidentally locked herself in her bedroom and did not have the key to unlock it, sunwebhk.com reports.

Rowena first tried consulting her friends on Facebook about how to unlock the door couldn’t come up with an answer, so she waited for her employers to come home in the evening.

She told them the problem and her male employer decided to climb through the ventilation window, into Rowena’s bedroom, and unlocked the door.

He reminded Rowena not to lock her door. Rowena said she was relieved that her employer – who she has worked with for three years – was not angry at her.

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