The toy store at Whampoa Garden in Kowloon. Photo: Google Maps, Ronald Cheung

Police are investigating the discovery of a doll in a toy store – with a syringe and red liquid inside it – in Whampoa Garden in Kowloon.

A photo showing the syringe and its needle adapter containing a red liquid in a pocket of the doll’s top went viral on social media among various parents’ online discussion groups on Wednesday. It made them very worried, Apple Daily reported.

The syringe, with its needle pointed outward, was put on a doll in the Toys R Us store at Treasure World in Whampoa Garden.

It was understood that a woman and her daughter found the doll with the syringe in the afternoon and immediately informed staff in the store.

At 10pm police received a report from the toy store that they discovered a syringe with suspected blood inside it, Oriental Daily reported.

Police classed the case as a “request for police investigation” and said they would check surveillance camera footage at the store to try to ascertain who may have left the syringe there, and why.