Tampines Mall, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Tampines Mall, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

Video filmed by a dashboard camera that shows a woman – believed to be a foreign domestic worker – pushing a wheelchair-bound elderly woman across the road on a red light in Singapore, has drawn sharp online criticism.

The user who posted the video – which attracted over 18,000 clicks within 13 hours – said he did so to make employers remind their domestic workers about road safety, Shin Min Daily News reported on Tuesday.

The video, shot at 9:28am on October 17, shows a woman pushing a wheelchair-bound elderly female over a single driveway crossing near Tampines Mall, while the pedestrian light was red. An incoming car manages to halt in time.

Many web users left comments condemning the woman’s recklessness and stating that she could have put her own and others’ lives at risk.

Others said she might have been a newcomer to Singapore and unfamiliar with the city-state’s traffic rules only. Some even suggested all foreign domestic workers should receive road safety classes.

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