Singapore General Hospital. Photo: Google Maps
Singapore General Hospital. Photo: Google Maps

A 29-year-old Filipina maid who suffered a stroke in early October and was expected to remain in intensive care for at least a month is reported to have made an extraordinarily speedy recovery and was discharged from hospital on Friday after only a two-week stay.

Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reports that on the morning of October 4, Riza Anne was found unconscious in bed. She was rushed to Singapore General Hospital, where she was diagnosed as having suffered a stroke caused by a ruptured brain aneurysm.

The Filipina was operated on three times in three days to remove blood clots from her brain. Despite the repeated operations, however, she was well on her way to recovery less than two weeks later. Attending doctors and nurses dubbed her the “miracle woman.”

Riza told Lianhe Wanbao’s reporters that her memory has not been impaired since the stroke and operations. She even compared her two-day coma in hospital to sleeping for two days on account of a bad hangover.

Her male employer – Edward, 42, a specialist in information technology – told the newspaper he was glad Riza was not suffering any significant impairments caused by the stroke.

According to her employers, Riza’s medical fees for her treatment, including the surgery, amount to around S$80,000 (US$58,692). As of Tuesday’s reports, a sum of S$20,000 had been collected, half of it via the personal fundraising page Give.Asia, with the remainder contributed by Riza’s friends.

Edward said they would step up efforts to raise the required sum as there was still a significant shortfall, even considering the S$15,000 collected through medical insurance.

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