Po Tin Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories West. Photo: Google Maps
Po Tin Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories West. Photo: Google Maps

A 28-year-old Hong Kong man, who had stalked a woman before raping her in her home, was arrested in a Mong Kok cafe on Sunday evening, two days after the victim reported the incident to the police.

The man is accused of following the woman to her Tuen Mun home at 11am on Friday. He allegedly got into the same lift as the woman, but got out on a lower floor and had rushed up the stairs to the floor where the woman lived, Ta Kung Pao reported.

Apple Daily, citing an unnamed source, said the woman was ambushed when she left her home shortly after arriving. The suspect was accused of pushing the woman back into her flat when she opened the door.

The victim tried to fight off her attacker, but was subdued and raped. The suspect left after an hour and the woman called the police.

A crime investigation unit from the Tuen Mun police district quickly gathered evidence and reviewed closed circuit television footage.

At 11pm on Sunday, police tracked the suspect down and arrested him at a Mong Kok cafe.

A preliminary police investigation suggested that Lam had been stalking the woman for a while because he knew where the victim lived and her daily routine.

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