Yishun Ring Road, Singapore Photo: Google Map, Wikimedia Commons
Yishun Ring Road, Singapore Photo: Google Map, Wikimedia Commons

Police arrested a 63-year-old woman for causing a public nuisance in Singapore after she spread oil and used toilet paper on her neighbors’ gates in a year-long harassment campaign.

The woman, who lived in a Housing Development Board flat, regularly splashed oil in the corridors and on the doors of her neighbors’ homes in Block 112 on Yishun Ring Road, the Chinese language Lianhe Zaobao reported Wednesday.

Some residents tried to protect their flats by surrounding them with wooden boards, pipes and cactus plants.

Information technology consultant Edmund Lee, 28, who lives on the floor above the woman, said she had started splashing oil on his metal gate and placed oily toilet papers on the bicycles parked in the corridor. He said his closed circuit television camera had recorded some of the woman’s actions, The Strait Times reported.

Lee said his father had set up a wall last month to surround his home, but the woman kept spreading oil and rubbish outside the wall.

Residents also complained that the woman had disturbed the neighbors with loud banging and knocking noises.

After police arrested the woman on May 27, residents started removing their protection walls.