Bowen Road, Mid-levels. Photo: Google Maps
Bowen Road, Mid-levels. Photo: Google Maps

Amid recent reports of suspected poisoned bait being found on Bowen Road, in Hong Kong’s Mid-Levels, police conducted a wide search in the area on Saturday morning and reminded dog walkers to stay alert.

From 9:30am, a total of 30 members from the Hong Kong Island Regional Crime Unit, the Crime Prevention Bureau, the Rural Patrol Unit and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (SPCA) were out warning dog walkers to keep their pets away from suspicious packages containing minced beef or chicken, Oriental Daily reported. 

Maria, a Filipina domestic helper, told the newspaper that she learned of the dog poison cases from her compatriots and would keep her employer’s dog on a leash at all times so she could pull it away from anything suspicious.

Nick, a dog owner and expat who lives in Central, said he often saw police officers patrolling in the area; however, due to the fact that dropping poisoned bait could be done in seconds, he said closed-circuit television should be installed along Bowen Road.

Sing Tao Daily reported that there have been a total of 92 dog poisoning cases on Bowen Road, Wan Chai Gap Road and the Peak since the year 2000, with the latest case coming in January of this year. However, no-one has yet been put under arrest. 

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