Fleming Road Photo: Google Maps
Fleming Road Photo: Google Maps

Police are searching for a cabbie who refused to give an Indian woman a ride and threw her out of a moving taxi in Hong Kong’s bar district of Wan Chai on Saturday morning.

At around 5am, 33-year-old Karishma Khemaney got into a taxi on Luard Road, Wan Chai, and wanted to go to Happy Valley, Apple Daily reported.

Video footage of a taxi following the suspect showed the driver had refused the fare, automatically opened the left door and wanted Khemaney to alight on Fleming Road.

It was believed she tried to call the police because the taxi refused her fare, but the cabbie grabbed her phone and threw it out of the car.

He then continued driving with the left door still open and took a sudden right turn, tossing Khemaney out of the taxi.

Khemaney, who is a graduate from the University of Hong Kong’s Postgraduate Certificate in Laws program, works as a senior consultant at a specialist legal recruitment firm.

The driver fled the scene without checking on his passenger, who sustained minor injuries on her left knee.

The Hong Kong Taxi Council denounced the driver in a statement and it would assist the police in identifying the cabbie, Ming Pao Daily reported.