A Hong Kong man was sent to jail on Friday for harassing his maid in 2014. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 44-year-old Hong Kong man was jailed on Friday after the High Court upheld his conviction for indecently assaulting his domestic helper in 2014.

In February 2016, Shek Kwok-ngan was charged with four counts of indecent assault and one count of common assault between February 26 and March 3, 2014. His 29-year-old Filipino maid accused him of masturbating behind her on different occasions when she was in the kitchen of the flat, earlier media reports said.

The maid saw through his reflection in a mirror for several times, Apple Daily reported. She was afraid of being raped, so on March 3, 2014 she set up her mobile phone cam in the kitchen and recorded the man masturbating. That video was submitted as evidence, the paper said.

The man and his wife tried to give the maid money to delete the video, but the Filipino rejected the offer.

In April last year, Shek was found guilty in the District Court on one count of an indecent assault and was given a five-week jail sentence. He was granted bail pending an appeal in the High Court. He was jailed on Friday when his appeal was upheld.

Shek was not only masturbating behind his maid, but had indecently assaulted her, Wen Wei Po reported, quoting Deputy High Court Judge Pang Chung-ping. If Shek did not want the maid to see his genitals, he could have hidden himself, Pang said.

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