(From AFP)

Myanmar’s bitterly-divided Rakhine State saw mass protests Sunday as thousands of Buddhists, including monks, demonstrated in a show of opposition to a government edict referring to Muslim communities in the restive province, organizers said.

Rakhine Buddhists protest
Myanmar Buddhist residents participate in an anti-Muslim demonstration in Rakhine State

Anti-Muslim rhetoric has spiked across Myanmar recently, with two mosques attacked by Buddhist mobs in just over a week in a country where sectarian violence has left scores dead since 2012.

Home to around one million stateless Rohingya Muslims, Rakhine State has been hardest hit by religious violence that has left tens of thousands of the persecuted minority in fetid displacement camps.

The Rohingya are reviled by Rakhine Buddhists who refuse to recognize any shared rights to the province and instead call them “Bengalis” or illegal immigrants from nearby Bangladesh. Read More

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