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President Barack Obama assured a shocked America Saturday that the black extremist who shot dead five cops in Dallas was a lone wolf — and that the country can overcome its racial divisions, as the groundswell of anger over police brutality surged on.

US President Barack Obama at a press conference in Poland on Saturday

Thousands of protesters marched in US cities overnight to demand justice for two African-Americans whose fatal shooting by police triggered the rampage in Dallas by an army vet bent on killing white officers in revenge.

The nightmare scenes in Texas — where the ambush turned a peaceful protest to horror — left many fearing a new, dark chapter in America’s troubled race relations.

But as Dallas honored its slain officers, Obama sought to cut short that narrative — saying Americans of all backgrounds were united in grief both at the recent fatal shooting of African-Americans and the murders in Dallas.

“I firmly believe that America is not as divided as some have suggested,” Obama told a press conference at a NATO summit in Warsaw. “There is sorrow, there is anger, there is confusion… but there is unity.” Read More

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