(From AFP)

Twelve people have died during a massive three-day traffic jam in Indonesia that stretched more than 20 kilometers (13 miles) and brought thousands of holidaymakers to a complete standstill, an official said on Friday.

Motorists are stuck in a traffic jam on a main road in Jakarta on June 21 as they return home to break the fast during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan

The horror traffic at a major highway junction at Brebes, a city on the main island of Java, was so bad that Indonesians dubbed the disastrous toll gate “Brexit”, from the words “Brebes exit”.

Roads across the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country are choked every year at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, as millions head to villages to celebrate Eid, which fell on Wednesday.

But the chaos at the “Brexit” junction this year was particularly acute in the three days before Eid, as tens of thousands of cars crammed the arterial highway, transport ministry spokesman Hemi Pramuraharjo told AFP. Read More

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