A new application under development can rate your smile. It can tell you whether it can light up a room or is filled with gloom. Or where in between a perfect smile and poker face it lies.

Shiseido, an app developed by the cosmetics giant, will test the app on about 5,000 flight attendants from Japan Airlines from July through September to evaluate the degree and quality of their smiles captured with a tablet, Asahi Shimbun reported. Based on the test results, it will be further calibrated and prepared for the hospitality industry.

It rates a smile on a scale that ranges from zero to 120. It uses seven parameters, including the level of trust, elegance and affinity, to analyze a smile. This app can be used for personal training and producing perfect smiles.
It also has features that can record your smiles on a daily-basis and study them. It will help train a user’s facial muscles.

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