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After all the hype and hoopla, the Chengdu fan meeting ‎that had “Descendants of the Sun” stars Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo together on the same stage finally came to an end.

For those “KiKyo” fans who had earnestly expected the “Song-Song” couple to declare their love for each other publicly, it may have been a bummer. Nonetheless, the fan meeting had its special moments and turned out to be memorable one for both the stars.

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From the start of the show, Song Joong-ki kept saying, “I’m so nervous… I don’t know why… I wonder why… I’ve never been this nervous.” That’s until Hye-kyo walks on stage.

At one point, Song Joong-ki talked about how excited he was to see Song Hye-kyo in Chengdu and rested his head on her shoulder. Song Hye-kyo tapped his back as if to calm him down.

Sometime later, fans demanded that they get closer. To the fan’s excitement and big cheers, Song Joong-ki put his hands around her.

Song Joong-ki uttered “sonbe-nim” (my senior colleague) several times, referring to Hye-kyo throughout the fan meeting. He also called her “noona” (elder sister). Bummer again. But still he kept saying she was beautiful and was thankful that she has come all the way from Korea to make this fan meeting special.

Hye-kyo, in turn, said that she’s been reading about how popular Song Joong-ki was online and felt good to see his popularity up close in Chengdu. She thought he was “cool,” while shooting “Descendants of the Sun.”

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Yes, they had fun playing games: a monopoly game in which they threw dice and recreated a “Descendants of the Sun” scene‎ and another one involving a plush hammer. Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo took turns, and seemed to have enjoyed it.

All in all, Joong-ki and Hye-kyo looked comfortable and seemed happy with each other on stage. While there was no declaration of love on stage, two Songs looked so good together.

Song Hye-kyo dated co-star (male lead) Hyun Bin a year after the drama “Worlds Within” aired. Although both Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are busy right now, a future romance is not entirely out of the question.

‎Wait and watch!

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