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Australia’s leaders made last-gasp pitches Friday to wow voters with polls on the eve of elections pointing to a cliffhanger as the media swung behind “reformer” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

A candidate for an independent party walks past posters of Australian Labor Party leader Bill Shorten in Sydney

Liberal Turnbull and Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten both opted to campaign in Sydney on their final day on the hustings as a poll in The Sydney Morning Herald showed them locked in a dead heat on a two-party basis.

But the survey of 1,377 people also said that when all candidates were included, 27% planned to vote for the Greens or other minor parties and independents.

This raises the prospect of a hung parliament where no side commands a majority in the lower house.

Another poll in the Sydney Daily Telegraph had the ruling conservatives 51-49% in front on two-party basis. Read More

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