With as many as 1,734 stores in 17 nations, Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo gets ready to take on Western giants such as Gap, H&M and Zara.

According to a report published in Retail News Asia, Uniqlo has leveraged its prowess in mass production to build a fashion empire filled with shelves upon shelves of affordable and quality clothing like down jackets, underwear and T-shirts.

At a time when local producers are posing a threat to global giants in the fashion markets of Asian countries, Uniqlo’s ambition to carve out a brand identity of its own doesn’t come as a surprise.

Asian markets are overcrowded and size is not positively correlated with success.

Asians have also started to trust and prefer local brands. Fashion brands from South Korea, China and Japan are becoming serious rivals of their Western peers as Asian consumers become increasingly confident in their own style and take pride in buying home-grown labels, reported AM Network.

Asian consumers are the world’s largest spenders on high-end fashion, representing about half of the total buyers.

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