(From Reuters)

China’s Foreign Ministry on Friday accused unidentified people in the United States of trying to “disturb” social order in Hong Kong, after the U.S. State Department expressed further concern the territory’s autonomy was being eroded.

China says some even use the Hong Kong issue to interfere in its internal affairs

The State Department made the comments in its latest report on the former British colony, released on Wednesday.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said that as Hong Kong was a part of China, no other country had a right to interfere in its internal affairs.

“We also remind the United States that certain people on the U.S. side have always wanted to disturb Hong Kong, disturb its socio-economic development, disturb the normal order of its residents’ lives, and even use the Hong Kong issue to interfere in China’s internal affairs,” he told a daily news briefing. Read More

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