(From AFP)

From the country that gave the world “Bieber Fever,” Canada’s “other Justin” — heartthrob Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — has made quite a splash on his visit to Japan for the G7 summit.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrives at Ise-Jingu Shrine on May 26

Japanese media and his growing legions of female fans have been swooning over the 44-year-old prime minister who celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary earlier this week by taking the day off to go on a romantic date with wife Sophie at Tokyo’s Meiji Shrine.

Social media lit up, many users reposting photos of Canada’s first couple strolling hand in hand through the shrine’s pristine gardens, proving that even politicians have a soft side.

Trudeau has been dubbed “ikemen shusho” — Japanese for “hunky PM” — by local media and fans, some of whom took to Twitter to post bare-chested photos of the premier, commenting on the “cool” tattoo of a raven on his left arm. Read More

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