(From AFP)

For the majority of Hong Kongers, the notion of breaking away from mainland China is far-fetched — but pro-independence leader Andy Chan insists it can become a reality (Watch the video clip) as fears grow Beijing is tightening its grip.

Andy Chan

Critics cast young activists such as Chan, who set up the Hong Kong National Party (HKNP) in March, as political novices without a workable strategy, campaigning for the unattainable.

But while many in the city may believe the independence mission is futile, the discussion of what was largely a taboo subject in Hong Kong has undeniably become part of its political narrative as frustrations increase, particularly among younger generations.

“The Chinese Communist Party will never give us democracy, so I decided to cut off from them… that’s the reason that I pursue independence,” Chan, 25, said. “Why can they decide our fate and destiny, even though we are two different groups (of people)?” Read More

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