(From AFP)

A new art installation displayed on Hong Kong’s tallest building is the latest expression of the city’s growing fears that its freedoms are under threat as Beijing tightens it grip.

A light show on the facade of Hong Kong’s International Commerce Center features a countdown of seconds remaining until July 1, 2047

The artwork, which runs down the sides of the harbour-front International Commerce Centre each night for around a minute, is a giant digital countdown to 2047.

That year marks the end of an agreement guaranteeing Hong Kong’s semi-autonomous status, made when Britain handed the city back to China in 1997.

Increasingly frustrated pro-democracy groups are calling for residents to have a say on what happens when the 50-year agreement lapses, with many young campaigners calling for more autonomy, self-determination, or even outright independence.

China has dismissed that notion. Read More

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