(From Reuters)

Special operations forces from the United States and Vietnam are signaling a readiness to start forging ties should their governments choose to do so, in what would be a major step in relations between militaries that were at war 4-1/2 decades ago.

Vietnamese soldiers march during a military parade in Hanoi in 2015

Rear Admiral Colin Kilrain, who leads U.S. Special Operations Forces in the Asia-Pacific region, said he met the commander from Vietnam’s elite forces on the sidelines of a conference in Tampa, Florida, this week.

“Both of us would like to deepen the relationship but we’re also very mindful that we go at the pace of what our governments want to do,” Kilrain said, disclosing the details of the meeting.

The talks, which lasted about half an hour on Wednesday, came two days after U.S. President Barack Obama ended the U.S. arms embargo on Vietnam during a visit to that country on Monday. Read More

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