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The British media is riddled with “barbarians” who would benefit from a lesson in manners from China’s ancient civilization, a state-run newspaper said on Thursday after Queen Elizabeth II called some Chinese officials “very rude”.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth greets China's President Xi Jinping during Xi's official welcome ceremony in central London in 2015
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth (R) greets China’s President Xi Jinping during Xi’s official welcome ceremony in central London in October 2015

In a rare diplomatic gaffe, the British monarch was caught on camera at a Buckingham Palace garden party making unguarded comments about a state visit last year by President Xi Jinping that drummed up billions in Chinese investment.

The remarks made headlines worldwide on Wednesday but were initially largely censored in China, blacked out of BBC World transmissions, according to the British broadcaster.

The Global Times newspaper, which is close to China’s ruling Communist Party, blamed the British media for blowing the incident out of proportion and fawning over the footage as if it was “the most precious treasure”. Read More

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