Imagine this: You are watching a video on your smartphone and you wish you could catch the action on a bigger screen. You can do just that with MUV Interactive’s Bird, a wearable device that fits right on your finger.

MUV’s Bird can control any digital content that is projected. This means you can virtually grab content from your phone or PC and throw it on your drawing room wall for a rich interactive experience.

Bird can convert any surface into an interactive platform.
Bird can control any digital content that is projected.

Bird makes any surface—walls, tables, floors, ceiling—interactive. As long as your devices are connected to each other, by enabling this wearable you can touch, push, pull, swipe and grab your presentation or spreadsheet from anywhere to anywhere.

MUV Interactive has been developing innovative technologies for active human sensing. It has now forged a partnership with Silicon Technology, a leader in electronics distribution in Japan. Bird communicates with the user’s computing devices, enabling rich interaction with anything from displayed content and smart home appliances to IOT devices and drones. Bird will be sold through Silicon Technology with partners including, SoftBank Service & Commerce, Synnex Infotec, Ricoh Japan, CSE, Eizo-system, Gakuei System, and Dospara later this year.

Bird is the first device to integrate the entire spectrum of interactive methods — including touch, remote touch, gesture control, mouse functionality and hover – into a single tiny wearable. This gives users the flexibility to interact with each type of digital content in the most intuitive way.

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“We are incredibly excited to see Bird launch in Japan and to work with MUV Interactive,” said Daigoro Shihodo, CEO of Silicon Technology.  “Delivering the most innovative solutions to our clients is our top priority and I am confident that Bird will take the corporates and educational markets by storm. We cannot wait to see how the Japan flies with Bird.”

“As a country that loves high tech, innovation and great invention, Japan is absolutely a natural choice for this exciting launch. We are confident that, along with the help of our partners, Bird will be a huge success and change the landscape of interaction and cooperation with digital content within the education and corporate sectors in Japan,” said Rami Parham, CEO of MUV Interactive.

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