The robot revolution has begun, and China is leading the race. Very soon, Made-in-China Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alikes carved out of silicon will start stealing our jobs. But for now, let’s put that thought to rest.

Right now, China is focusing on good looking, friendly robots who can walk, talk and even agree to take a selfie with you.

The new robot gal in town is Jia Jia. Clad in a red and gold kimono, Jia Jia can bat her eyelids and make those cute facial expressions. With lustrous black hair and flawless face, she is all that men look for in a woman.

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An embodiment of beauty, charm and wit, Jia Jia is one of a kind—truly and literally. The creators of Jia Jia haven’t made another piece like her and have no immediate plans for mass production.

The scientists of The University of Science and Technology of China took nearly three years to make Jia Jia.

“Don’t come too close to me when you are taking a picture. It will make my face look fat,” she told someone who was trying to click her picture during a press conference in China recently.

While most of Jia Jia is perfect, the scientists are still figuring out how they can make her laugh and cry. They are also working on making her hands look a little relaxed and flexible, as right now it looks like a store mannequin’s.

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Chen Xiaoping, the chief of the team who created Jia Jia, said they hope to give her deep learning and facial recognition capabilities in the future.

A few weeks back, Hong Kong graphic designer Ricky Ma  constructed a robot in the likeness of Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson. But she wasn’t as perfect as Jia Jia.

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