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A Singaporean MP who said crowds of South Asian workers were “walking time-bombs” who needed to be fenced off from residential areas in the city-state’s Indian quarter apologized Friday for her remarks.


Denise Phua sparked a public outcry online after a speech in parliament on Wednesday, prompting her to say sorry on her Facebook page.

“I have no intention to undermine any specific group. I should not have used the phrase ‘walking time-bombs’ to describe congregations of high density,” Phua, from the ruling People’s Action Party, wrote.

“I personally get along very well with the foreign cleaners in my constituency. To them and the other foreign workers in our country, thank you for your help and please accept my sincere apology if I have caused you concern.”

Phua had been speaking in parliament about measures to prevent the recurrence of a riot similar to the one in December 2013 involving South Asian workers — the worst outbreak of public disorder in Singapore in 40 years. Read More

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